Psst…want a sneaky discount off your first order? Click here.

Psst…want a sneaky discount off your first order? Click here.

Bebbek Must Haves!

As a first-time parent, you want to buy EVERYTHING, but as I soon realised everything will literally have you taking out a second mortgage! I did a lot of research before I found out I was pregnant, asked friends and families what they wish they had gotten and what they feel was a waste of money and since having my baby girl I have found out first hand what are the top 10 baby items I would happily buy again and again!


1. Bebbek Cheeky Krem

This was a no brainer, the biggest motivating factor to starting Bebbek and releasing our all natural Cheeky Krem was because there was nothing like it on the market. A formula backed by science and made by a pharmacist right here in Melbourne, it ticks many boxes. Not only does Cheeky Krem contain high quality ingredients that act as a barrier for the skin but it also aides in minimising the symptoms of nappy rash, cradle cap, eczema and dry skin!

2. Bunnie Caddie

The Bunnie Caddie was on my radar for sometime, it looked so functional, spacious and stylish. There were others on the market that essentially did the same thing but this had so many more compartments, could be carried over your shoulder and is made from durable materials. What made me fall in love with it was it doubled up as my hospital baby bag. I had everything easily within reach, nappies, wipes, clothes, bodysuits, wraps, beanies, socks, the list is endless; it even made it super easy for our nurses to access as they could see everything without needing to rummage around in a bag (I even included a few of my go to hospital items like my nipple cream and pads!). The same goes at home, we can see when we were running low on nappies and wipes,  access her nasal spray, thermometer and snail nail cutters so after a bath everything was in one place and can move it around the house with ease even if we are holding her. It is just a must buy in my book, and will most likely be investing in another if and when we decide to have a second bundle of joy.

3. Leander Change Mat

As a first-time parent you soon realise just how much your little ones need changing, especially in those early days – we easily went through over 600 nappies in 3 months! With the constant changes, came the accidentally wees out of the nappy and the poo explosion, so having an easy to clean, comfortable and portable mat is important. We originally had it set up in her room, but we soon realised a nappy change can occur anywhere in the home, for us it was our bed and the couch mainly. Made from polyurethane foam, the mat is 100% waterproof, super sturdy but soft to touch and super practical!

4. Cybex Cloud Q

I will begin with saying that the car seat or capsule debate is always a controversial one, so many mums swear by capsules and so many think they are unnecessary; I think this one is a personal choice and I am glad we got it. Firstly, unlike most capsules that have a lifespan of 6 months, the Cybex Cloud Q is from birth up to 12 months plus (with some mums getting up to 15-18 months use out of it!). Secondly, it is compatible with a number of prams, unfortunately for me the new Uppababy Vista v2 no longer has an agreement with Cybex and I was left searching for the old pram adapters, but luckily I was able to find some. Thirdly, and probably one of the biggest selling points. this car seat actually converts to a near flat position when out of the car, so if your bub is fast asleep and you don’t want to disturb them, simple get the car seat out and extend it so your bub can continue sleeping comfortably without the risk of having their airways blocked. With extra wide Y-harness straps and an XXL fold-away sun canopy that boasts UPF50+ protection. this was a good buy for us!

5. Bonds Onesies

I’m going to say this once and once only, stop buying all the cute little outfits for your babies under the age of at least 4 months (arguably up to 6 months!). They will be living in onesies, zip onesies specifically, and you will be better off for it. Zips are a no brainer, buttons are not only fiddly but are just annoying and waste of time. Now I say Bonds for 1 reason: they last. babies grow fast, whether it be height or weight they just don’t stop growing, Bonds know this; by simply unfolding the integrated mittens and footies, you can easily get another week or two out of them unlike other brands. They also do not shrink or damage in the wash, so you can easily save them for your future babies.

6. Ergopouch Swaddles

This will be a hit and miss with your babies, and before you rush out and get a bunch of swaddles, I highly recommend speaking to your friends and family who have some and trialing out a couple. My baby girl LOVES the Ergopouch swaddles, she sleeps so well in them; they are warm, easily put on and have a double zip so the overnight nappy changes were easy to get through without disrupting her too much. We tried the Love to Dream swaddles as well thanks to a very generous friend, however she kept moving her arms too much and the material underneath her chin kept pushing her dummy out and waking her up, so these did not get the tick of approval from us.

7. Huggies Nappies

TRIED AND TESTED! I don’t use any other nappies, these have gone through long 12 hour stretches without a leak! they are great value when you buy them in bulk and are so durable, there is no need to stray away from such a reputable brand!

8. Snap Shades

These randomly came up on my Instagram newsfeed, as everything slowly did when I started searching for baby products (I know you’re watching me!) and I am so happy they did. They are magnetic, ordered based on your car model, have a flexible metal frame and reduce UVA and UVB by 84.6%. They stay in place are fantastic for summer when you need to put the window down for some ventilation but want to block out the harsh sun.

9. Uppababy Vista v2

How many mummas found the pram the hardest item to get? Because I sure did! I think I changed my mind about 5 times; from asking advice from friends, to reading reviews online and even seeing people on Youtube test them out and unboxing them, it was so hard to settle on a pram. I did later find out some people go through 3-4 prams until the settle on the final one – that is one expensive exercise in my opinion! I ended up on the Uppababy Vista v2 for the following reasons:

1. The metal frame – this meant it wouldn’t bend and brake easily, I am super clumsy so this was very important;

2. The basket – it is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, on the market. I didn’t think this would be a selling point for me personally, but after that first grocery shop with it I am so bloody thankful I got it. It is so handy, with additional small pockets on the sides for keys, bottles etc.

3. It was compatible with my car seat – albeit I bit of a struggle after the fact to get the adapters, but alas it fits and makes transporting my baby girl from the car to the pram and back to the car so simple and quick.

4. It converts to a double stroller – not that I am thinking of a second at the moment, but we have discussed it and if we do decide, we are ready to rock and roll!

5. Extendable canopy – with UPF 50+ protection, zip out fabric and mesh panels, going for a walk is made easier so you do not need to cover it with a muslin and make bub uncomfortable from the heat. As a bonus, it comes with a rain shield and mosquito net too!

6. The wheels and suspension- they are big and foam filled (no punctures here!), making for a smoother ride. They turn and manoeuvre so easily and you can even lock the front tyres.

7. It comes with a carry cot, that is safe for overnight use – great if you don’t want to get a separate travel cot.

8. And finally the fold – its easy, quick and it stands when folded, no more bending and breaking your back!

10. Baby Bjorn Bouncer

This bouncer is by far one of my favourite products, it was recommended to us by our best man and his wife, and I am so happy we listened. we waited a couple of weeks before using it because baby girl was pretty small, but by week 2 she was loving it, and has even fallen asleep in it a few times. It is great if you need to free up your hands but want to have bub close by looking at you, or even a safe place for them to sit and watch the telly. One of the best features is the material cover is machine washable, trust me you want EVERYTHING to be machine washable – we had to wash it after the first use because someone decided that was the perfect time to have a poonami – but it dries so quickly, so we were back using it soon after. It folds flat and is light so you can take it anywhere, to the park, friends house or even camping (like we did recently!) and it lasts so long (up to 13kg); with the ability to use it on different levels so bub is more upright as they get older.

BONUS – 11. The Snoo

Another controversial item! We were thankfully gifted this by family – otherwise it does break the bank a bit (always look out for the sales!). For those that don’t know, the Snoo is a smart bassinet that helps to calm and promote sleep. It was created by Dr Harvey Kemp, the author of the Happiest Baby on the Block, to detect when your baby is crying and help sooth them by gentle rocking them and increasing the motion and sound to get them back to sleep. I found this helpful especially with helping baby girl link some of her sleep cycles.

The Pros

1. We got sleep – it is promoted to help get you more sleep, and it worked for us! Baby girl was sleeping longer stretches 7, 8, even 10 hour stretches sometimes from around 2-3 months.

2. It is big enough to stay in your room – I didn’t want a big bulky bed in our room, but I wanted her to sleep in our room for awhile

3. It plays white noise – and you can change the volume and soothing volume all from your phone!

4. It is made of breathable mesh and has an incorporated swaddle, so you know baby is safe, wont roll and has adequate airflow.

5. It acted as a third pair of hands, when hubby and I were in the bathroom, or downstairs etc. as it helped respond to her cries until we got there, sometimes doing our job for us.

6. It has a motion limiter function, so if you do not feel comfortable with it going to Level 3 and 4 in motion but don’t mind the sound (like us!) you can lock it.

The Cons

1. An obvious one is the cost – luckily they do have 20-40% sales throughout the year (40% usually being on Black Friday). You can now also purchase it from The Memo, which is a local Melbourne business and if you sign up to their rewards program you can get 10%!

2. This wasn’t a con for us but can be for many parents, some babies will outgrow it quickly, baby girl is on the taller side but she still has plenty of room to grow into it thankfully.

3. You cannot connect to the app if you have a 5G network – we learned this the hard way and needed to get a new modem that worked on a 2.45Ghz network.

(Just a quick side note – The Memo is where I got A LOT of my baby items, they have an amazingly curated collection of baby items and an equally amazing rewards program, I highly recommend checking them out!)

If you are still on the fence about this, all I’ll say is I was concerned about losing the connection when not responding to her or that she will get used to the rocking and will not be able to fall asleep anywhere else; however, the Snoo – although a miracle worker – cannot calm your hungry, wet or sick baby, you will have plenty of opportunity to build that connection, and in regards to getting used to the rocking, we have been camping, we have travelled around the state and let baby girl sleep in her pram carry cot and the transition has been seamless. We have a few more months with the Snoo and will be using the weaning function when we are ready to fully transition her into her cot.


Everyone has different opinion, likes and dislikes, so some of these items may not be for you, but I would love to know, what were you go to or favourite baby item purchases. Tell me below, or tag Bebbek on Instagram!

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